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The 2023 National has something for everyone

The DPCA continues to advance its educational mission with a full line up of seminars on a variety of topics. Lunch will be available to attendees of the seminars. Please note that the seminar on Whelping presented by Myra Savant Harris and the Scent Work Seminars require sign-up.
Breed Education
A hands-on presentation of the Breed Standard. 

This seminar will start with a short review of the breed standard and move on to a hands-on approach to applying the standard. Attendees will be able to see and touch Dobermans to learn what all those Breed Standard terms mean on a Doberman. Participants may bring their own dogs to “apply the standard” to.
Date: Tuesday, September 26  Time: 10:00 am until 3:00 pm
Location: Colorado A/B Hosted by: Cindi Huckfeldt  

Breeder Education

Canine Whelping and Puppy Care presented by Myra Savant Harris. 

Many of you are familiar with Myra’s books. She is wealth of knowledge on the whelping process, so whether you are a new breeder or an experienced breeder, you will learn something in this seminar. In order to ensure the necessary materials are available, please sign up for this seminar on the DPCA website. 
Date: Tuesday, September 26  Time: 10:30 am to 5:00 pm
Location: Kansas A/B Hosted by Alisa Brotherhood, Sharon Duval and Ann White
Sign Up For the Myra Seminar

Exhibitor Education

Handling Clinic presented by Colleen Nicholson.

Join Colleen and team to both learn new skills and hone your existing skills. This is Colleen’s 4th year delivering a Handling Clinic. Clinic content varies from year to year and is targeted to both beginning and experienced handlers.  
11-1 Setting Up and Moving Your Dog
1-2 Lunch
2-2:30 Free Baiting
2:30 – 3:30 Let’s Play Dog Show
3:30-4  Pro tips from Elizabeth Barrett
Date: Tuesday, September 26  Time: 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
Location: Conformation Ring  Hosted by Colleen Nicholson
Member Education 

Legislative Affairs Committee presentation on Protecting Your Right To Own and Breed Dogs. Presented by Sue Sullivan 

Date: Tuesday, September 26  Time: Lunch Break  
Location: Kansas C  Hosted by Legislative Affairs Committee

Performance/Companion Seminars
We are offering two seminars related to performance and companion events.
Obedience Seminar:
In and Out of the Ring given by Celeste Mead Maurer.  

This seminar will focus on Helping Attitude!, Proper Heel Position, Keeping Attention, Using “In Between” exercises to your advantage, Fronts and Finishes, Saving points rather than losing points.
Date: Monday September 25  Time: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm  
Location: Obedience Rings in the Expo Center  Hosted by Karen Fuss

Scent Work Seminars:
Intro to Nosework presented by Joanne Soyke

This seminar is for any dog new to the sport of Nosework. We will go over how to get your dog started and give them opportunities to learn independent searching. This is also an opportunity for the humans to see the natural hunting style of your dog. Please bring lots of small, high value treats and a crate to contain your dog. All dogs will need to be safely contained when it’s not your turn. There will be unlimited Audit spots (no need to sign up) and 12 working spots available for sign up on the National website.
Date: Tuesday September 26  Time: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm  
Location: Expo Hall Upstairs  Hosted by Janet Stavrides
Find it to Found It presented by Joanne Soyke

This seminar is for dogs already on odor, at the excellent and beyond levels.  We will be discussing hide placements like inaccessible, elevation, blowing and trapping odor. As we let your dogs work these common scenarios, you will see how odor moves and how to better understand when to call “alert.” There will be unlimited Audit spots available (no need to sign up) and 10 working dog spots available for sign up on the National website.
Date: Tuesday September 26  Time: 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm  
Location: Expo Hall Upstairs  Hosted by Janet Stavrides
Sign Up For the Scent Work Seminar(s)

Scent Work Trials

New this year, two Scent Work Trials are scheduled for Wednesday, September 27.  Detective, Container and Buried Classes are offered at both trials. Joanne Soyke will judge detective in Trial 1 and all levels of containers at both trials. Amy Wukotich will judge Detective at Trial 2 and all levels of buried at both trials. The Premium List and entry forms are available on the DPCA Website.
Scent Work Premium List and Entry Form

Entries Open for All Events

Premium lists are available by clicking on the buttons below

Conformation, Obedience and Rally events
Agility Trials
Scent Work Trials

Sweet Dreams Suite Auction

Executive Suite – 9 nights in the Executive Suite at the University Plaza Hotel. Sept 22-Oct1.- Spacious two room suite. Living quarter has a full size pullout sleeper sofa, seating area, and wet bar with sink, mini fridge, and microwave. Sleep comfortably in a king sized bed. The bedroom is separated by a closing door.

Want to get in on this deal?

AUCTION RULES: Reserve of S2500.00

Send an email before August 20th with your bid for the room. On August 21 we will reveal the lucky winner. Remember, your bid must he S2500 or higher. If you already have a room at the host hotel, you will not incur a penalty for cancelling that room should you win the suite.

Click here to send a bid for the Suite!

Dedication of the 2023 National

As many of you may have heard, long-time DPCA member E. A. “Skip” Thielen passed away earlier this week. The entire DPCA family offers our deepest condolences to Joyce and Skip’s extended family.  In recognition of Skip’s many contributions to the Club and especially his assistance as Chief Steward at the National for many years, the Board voted to dedicate the 2023 National to Skip. 
Skip gave back to his beloved breed in so many ways: breeder, judge, Chapter Club President, and National Chief Steward. His smile, infectious good humor, and generous spirit will be sorely missed. 

ROM Display, Maturity Nominations

ROM Display   The DPCA National Show Committee is excited to announce that Karen Mundy has volunteered to set up the ROM booth at the National again!!!! Last year was the first time for a ROM booth showcasing the current year’s ROM recipients.  Karen’s display of the ROM recipients was nothing short of amazing!   Karen is ready to start organizing this year’s display.  Every new ROM recipient is invited to participate and, just like last year, you will be able to take your personalized display plaque home with you at the end of the National.    Once you have been notified by the ROM Secretary, Anne Lincoln, that your dog has received a ROM, please fill out the below form.   If you want to showcase your ROM dog in the National ROM booth, please submit the information listed by August 4th. This allows sufficient time for your display plaque to be made.   Thank you, Karen Mundy (and your sister Jan), for the fabulous job you did last year and for volunteering again!!!
Fill out the ROM Display Form
Maturity Nominations   Nominations for Maturity eligible dogs began on April 15 and will run through July 31.  Please click on the link to access the form to nominate for the Maturity Stakes.   This year’s Maturity judge will be Linda George.   A short recap on eligibility rules: Dam must have been nominated for the Futurity class of 2022.  The puppy does not have to have been individually nominated for Futurity to be Maturity eligible.Must also be entered in a regular class at the National.    The complete Maturity Stakes Rules are available on the DPCA website,

Decorations, Sponsor Pkg, RVs, Scent Work, Maturity Nominations

Calling all Creative Minds!   This year I am assisting the National Show Team with the site decorations, and I am looking for a few volunteers to help come up with a decorative plan using the club theme and logo. We are open to ideas to make this a great national. If you are a creative person and would like to help, please contact Elaine Hopper at   We have volunteers to help with the set-up so if you are not planning to attend but still want to contribute creatively, we welcome your ideas and input! National attendance is not mandatory for this committee, but the help would certainly be appreciated.   Thank you in advance. Elaine Hopper Decorations Chair
I’d Love to Help with Decorations!
RV Parking Reservations   Reservations for RV parking open on April 1.  Parking is $390 this year and includes 2 dumps and water.  The link for reservations will be live at noon EDT on April 1:
Should your plans change, reservations are refundable through September 1, 2023.  Questions regarding RV parking may be sent to 
National Sponsor Packages
Sponsor packages are available for purchase April 1 through April 30. 
A new addition to the packages this year is a Sponsor Appreciation luncheon held on Wednesday during the Futurity lunch break. As we have been selling reserved seats and sponsor packages for several years, most of you probably have more Picnic Time chairs than you need.  We are offering chair backs only this year.  Maintaining a stock of chairs requires warehouse space and creates additional transportation needs.  Picnic Time chairs may be purchased on Amazon if you need a chair. 
You can view the package descriptions now and may make your purchase beginning at noon EDT on April 1.   Reserved Seating Sales Open on May 1.
Scent Work Trial
The AKC has granted the DPCA approval to hold Scent Work Trials. Thank you to all of the volunteers who offered to be on the planning committee for a Scent Work Trial.  Janet Stavrides graciously volunteered to serve as chairperson of the committee. The committee sent a survey to all members to gauge interest in the event for planning purposes. 77 members replied to the survey. The committee is analyzing the responses to determine how to organize the trials.                 
Maturity Nominations
Nominations for Maturity eligible dogs begin on April 15 and run through July 31.  Please click on the link to access the form to nominate for the Maturity Stakes.
A short recap on eligibility rules: Dam must have been nominated for the Futurity class of 2022.   The puppy does not have to have been individually nominated for Futurity to be Maturity eligible. Must also be entered in a regular class at the National. 
The complete Maturity Stakes Rules are available on the DPCA website,

Calling all Scent Work Enthusiasts

The Board approved holding a Scent Work trial at the 2023 National. In order to make this a reality, we need a group of volunteers to organize it. The first step to hosting a trial is to get AKC approval for the DPCA to hold a Scent Work trial.  

The AKC approval form states: Please list the five (5) club members that have the most knowledge and experience in Scent Work and describe their experience and duration in the sport: Minimum requirements: Scent Work judge 2 years, exhibitor 2 years, list titles earned.

Scent Work instructor 3 years. Scent Work Trial Secretary/Chair list years of experience. 

We need 5 members that meet these criteria to take on the task of organizing the event.  Additional helpers are welcome, but we must meet these criteria at a minimum. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the National Show Committee at